Why In-Ground Trampolines Are So Popular In the UK

When you’re trying to find a present for your kids and make them happy, there one answer above everything else – sunken trampolines. Kids completely love them, and they have many more benefits too.

When it comes to the UK, you should know that thousands of these items are being sold every year. The reasons are clear – because people enjoy using them. See what kids prefer these days on the link.

There are many types of different trampolines out there. The two main differences are the traditional and the in-ground type. Based on what people prefer, you can get both in the UK.

It seems like the second one is far more popular. There are more reasons for this, and we will talk about them now. If you want to know more about why the in-ground type is more popular, you should keep on reading and learn everything about this topic.

They are much easier to maintain

Although all trampolines are made from materials that are specially designed to be easily wiped and cleaned, there’s a problem when it comes to maintaining the traditional ones. Why? Because it is simply not possible to reach everything. Their height is too big and people need ladders to make things work.

At the same time, they are made with far more parts and equipment than the sunken ones. There are all kinds of bars, connectors, springs, and there’s the net to prevent falling off, of course. All this needs regular treatment and maintenance.

The sunken trampoline doesn’t give you this problem. Everything’s placed on the ground and you don’t have to do anything especially to clean them or maintain them. The only parts that need to be checked regularly are the springs connected to the main surface over which kids jump.

The springs and the fabric might become torn over time, and this is the only thing you need to look after. Of course, there are other parts located in the pit that is not connected to the trampoline itself, like the drainage system, but this is something else to worry about and is not directly connected to the safety of the item.

They look better than the traditional type

There are lots of in ground trampolines UK has to offer. It is one of the countries that has a great culture of adoring these items. It’s not just for the kids, but adults love it too. Lots of families decide to install a sunken one in their yards because it makes the place look spectacular.

Back in the day, tennis courts were highly popular, and estates must have had one. Since almost no one played tennis, people started avoiding them. The sunken trampoline is much easier to install, costs way less than a tennis court, and provides value for all guests with kids.

You can just leave them there and have a normal adult conversation without interruptions or the need to supervise. You know the kids are going to be okay.

Child safety

As we just mentioned, you can leave your children on the in-ground trampoline without supervision and worry about nothing. Place a couple of pillows on the sides and enjoy. The maximum height they can fall is their own, so you can be sure they are much safer.

Stats say that in England alone, 13,000 kids get injured every year by falling of traditional over-the-ground trampolines. Some of them end up fatally injured and go to the ER where doctors struggle for their lives. As a parent, you don’t want something like this to happen.

See more about this here: https://www.royalberkshire.nhs.uk/patient-information-leaflets/aande%20trampolines%20using%20them%20safely.

Instead, you should opt for a sunken trampoline and be sure that there’s no chance for your kids to suffer injuries. Install this one, and spend your time relaxed watching them enjoy. If you go with the other option, you’ll need to be there with them at all times worrying about them falling off.


The in-ground trampolines are amazing. People in the UK love them. Seeing the facts from above, it’s clear why it is so. If you have to choose one kind, you’ll surely choose the one that’s safer for your kids. The other features are just additional benefits.