Cheap European Vacation Tips

Almost every European country currently has at least one airline with no additional budget. At first glance, the rates charged by these airlines appear to be very low; Ryan Air has given their lost flights almost free in the past – although you still have to pay an airport levy of around twenty British pounds. But where is the catch? Are there catches?

Can you really take a vacation to Europe by air without spending a fortune? Here’s the deal if you want a vacation to Europe on a cheap budget:

First, low-cost airlines in Europe almost always use provincial airports outside the city – often around forty or fifty miles from their respective city centers. This can add up to two hours of vacation time to your trip at each end. You also have to pay for a bus or train connection to get from the airport to the city center. Make sure you add this price to your ticket costs when comparing prices between cheap airline ticket deals and thrilling prices by conventional airlines. In most cases, the major airlines fly you to the downtown airport and thus cut down on your vacation time and any backup transportation costs.

If you are not enough to miss a trip then you can really get stuck at a very rural airport at night with all food outlets closed and no way to return to the city or city. Second, you only get what you want. European low-cost airlines cannot offer in-flight services for food and drinks. Or, if they do, they will charge you for it at a premium rate. Coffee, sandwiches and beer are very expensive. To be fair, many flights only last an hour or two so snacks and drinks may not be a big problem.