Can We Learn Passively Through Audiobooks?

Learning has assumed different dimensions lately, especially with the restrictions that COVID-19 places on physical gatherings. Traditionally, most people learn in the four walls of a classroom with other students. Some other forms of learning take place online, whereby students connect with their tutors via the internet. One further learning option that is yet to be fully explored is learning through audiobooks. Perhaps, we should beam our searchlight on this concept of audiobooks for a clearer perspective.

What are Audiobooks?

It’s possible to have a glimpse of what this concept means by considering the name. When written books are recorded into discs, flash drives, MP3s, and other mediums such that anyone can listen to them instead of reading, that’s an audiobook. By this, the ear becomes the only medium by which the student learns.

How Effective is Learning Through Audiobooks?

Pedagogical studies reveal that for a person to master a new concept, they have to read such at least five times. Reading a piece of material demands more of one’s attention than just listening to it. We know this from AudiobooksNow users’experiences as many opine that they easily get distracted. As such, it’s not uncommon to find many people preferring reading to listening to audiobooks. The reason is that they tend to grasps a new concept faster that way.

Again, since audiobook readings are mostly done at a stretch, it’s not always easy to go through a line again, as one would easily do while reading. To listen again, you will most likely have to rewind, pause, or stop the tape. Any of these can be stressful than traditional reading through texts.

The above setbacks to audiobook learning do not, however, take away its many benefits. Reading from a textbook or any other material can easily add to our online cultural enrichment by helping us maximise our time. While online doing a not-too-serious web surfing, you can play your audiobook and listen.

Audiobooks Help in Time Management

With audiobooks, learning can take place anywhere. Whether you are in the toilet, in a queue waiting for your turn, or you are on a train, all you have to do is plug your device to your ears and listen. You can use every minute to keep something in store with this approach.

Revision Is Much More Convenient with Audiobooks

If you’ve covered a paper or material before, audiobooks can be an excellent way of revising it. The more you keep listening to what you have read, the better it sticks. No one would even guess you are reading because only you can hear the recordings. So, it saves you the stress of carrying big textbooks around.

Bottom Line

There is no one perfect route to learning. While a one-on-one physical encounter with a tutor is beneficial, passive knowledge in the form of audiobooks is also outstanding. We must, however, admit that it has its downsides, some of which we have mentioned. However, if a person will use it to complement other forms of learning, the result can be fantastic.